Division Two

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Pontypool B211 053
Abergavenny C211 053
Newport Knights211 04.53
Abergavenny D210 13.52
Newport Bishops201 13.51
Malpas B200 22.50

Colin Gilbert Trophy

Best Percentage in Division Two

5 Pts minimum to appear here

Eleven results minimum for the trophy.

RankNamePld WD LPts Per

Bill Chamberlain Trophy

Best Performance in Division Two

Based on start-of-season ratings (G1)

Eleven results minimum for the trophy.

RankNamePld WD LPts ExpDiff
1Tony Davies110010.09840.9016
2Owain Davies110010.57290.4271
3Richard Batey110010.64350.3565
4Steve Horrell210110.74410.2559
5Hiram Rogers21101.51.24680.2532
6Paul Mills110010.76680.2332
7Zane Allford21101.51.28490.2151
8Lucas James21101.51.3220.178
9Dave Connolly10100.50.39540.1046
10Clive Thomas202010.90470.0953
11Neil Carter202010.91210.0879
12Mark Emblem202010.92130.0787
13Joseph Addis10100.50.42980.0702
14Paul Scott210110.93420.0658
15Mateusz Gibiec202010.95070.0493
16Terry Hill1100110
17Lyn Holland20110.50.5141-0.0141
18Brian Ross10100.50.5646-0.0646
19Chris Dixon10100.50.5868-0.0868
20Dennis O. Jones21101.51.6262-0.1262
21Peter Wood-Fisher100100.178-0.178
22Bob Stanworth100100.2332-0.2332
23Adam Jenkins100100.3578-0.3578
24Ron Williams20110.50.8667-0.3667
25Dave Williams200200.9239-0.9239
26Andrew Owen20110.51.5211-1.0211